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4 Reasons Why Porn is Effective at Destroying Your Sex Life

Now writing this I understand there are many more reasons why porn is effective at destroying your sex life, but these are the top 4 I see on a regular basis. Please read it and…

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12 Tips To Take Your Marriage To The Next Level

1) Live the adventure of your mission together 

As a married ONE, God has a unique mission for you as ONE. This doesn’t mean you will have the same job or career, but you will have…

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12 Tips Every Woman Needs To Hear From A Trainer

1) Light grey yoga pants are for yoga, not cardio

Enough said. : )

2) Weight training does not make you “bulky”

Okay ladies, this one needs to be made extremely clear. Pushing yourself hard in the gym…

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4 Valuable Life Lessons From Pokémon

I have to say, I am very impressed with the new craze Nintendo started. I know there are some strong opinions out there about the pros and the cons of this new app, but Pokémon…

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What is SOULCON Challenge?


  • SOULCON, just hearing that name ring in my ears peaked my interest and made me want to read the book. As a military veteran and someone who has competitively competed in Ironman races, solo 24hr Mtn. bike races, Masters physique competitions and climbed many of Colorado’s fourteen thousand foot peaks in the winters months, I thought what was it…

    Russell H. Gray
    Russell H. Gray, Lifelong Athlete and Military Vet.
  • I believe that SOULCON Challenge seeks out and ignites a piece of a mans DNA that the comforts of our current world tends to put to sleep. Cody and Commander Bugsly are giving all men an opportunity to truly live in the potential that God himself has created us with. This book has challenged me to the core of…

    Scott Morris
    Scott Morris, Lead Pastor, Southpointe Church OKC
  • This book is a great spiritual renewal to the soul of what men are called to be biblically, it’s spiritual resuscitation.

    Dr. Adam Thomason (EdD)
    Dr. Adam Thomason (EdD),
  • In a day when men refuse to be men, Cody has written a book that will challenge us to be exactly what God has created us to be…MEN!! Challenging us to be healthy, strong, Godly men with integrity. It is high time for the men of our world to awake out of their sleep and step up to the…

    Mark Dunning
    Mark Dunning, Senior Pastor, Christ Chapel Church
  • SOULCON boldly addresses the battle that so many Christian men struggle to win. The battle of gluttony, lust, discipline, laziness… In SOULCON, Cody gives battle tested strategies to help every man overcome and become the God honoring man they are called to be. SOULCON is a game changer and I personally accept Cody’s SOULCON challenge.

    Chris Spradlin
    Chris Spradlin, Teaching Pastor, New Hope Church
  • Cody Bobay is a warrior discontent with the mere self satisfaction of his own warrior status. Rather, he is a determined evangelist of the Christian Man’s Potential, who with his remarkable book “SOULCON Challenge”, seeks to evangelize other men to step up and into God’s willingness to make us all men after His own heart like the warrior David….

    Wes Lane
    Wes Lane, President of Salt and Light Leadership Training, Former Oklahoma County District Attorney
  • Thanks to my faith in God and a passion for fitness I’m called a cancer survivor. I pray that no man faces that same fire before discovering the importance of staying healthy and fit. It’s time to sit up and pay attention. Do honor to yourself and to God by respecting the gift he’s given you. Cody Bobay’s SOULCON…

    Lawrence Lee Lawhorne
    Lawrence Lee Lawhorne, P90X Certified Instructor,
  • The SOULCON Challenge will get up in your grill and test your spiritual mettle. The Church needs men to step up to lead in our families, our communities, in within the faith family. Cody Bobay has issued the warning order: Men, it’s time to get after it!

    Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor, Senior Pastor, Arrow Heights Baptist Church, retired Army Chaplain - Ranger Qualified, served with 82nd Airborne Division and 12th Special Forces Group
  • As a men’s ministry leader and retired Army Officer, I understand how men are wired. There are a lot of good men’s discipleship studies available today, but few, understand the warriors heart, God created in the hearts of men. Cody Bobay’s SOULCON Challenge gets it! I can’t wait to see the SOULCON movement take place in churches across America.

    Keith Burkhart
    Keith Burkhart, Family and Men’s Ministry Specialist, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Former Army Master Fitness Trainer
  • I’ve played a year in the NFL and have been through some tough training. If someone were to come to me and say they would like to play in the NFL, I would tell them to be prepared to work. You can’t play in the NFL if you don’t want to put in the work. The same goes…

    Abraham Wright
    Abraham Wright, Ex-NFL Athlete